EVERYONE will eventually DIE..

If YOU died TODAY, do you know what would happen to your soul?

The Second Coming of Christ is here. Prepare yourselves!


The Book of Death, Vol. 1 – Blood Sky Dawning – The First Book of God’s Final Testament to Humanity

God’s Chosen Messengers: After two years in seclusion and observation, Melissa and Christopher Cain have surfaced at a historic juncture of mortal divide, where the world desperately needs Truth. The first of three Divinely-ordered, novel-length parables, The Book of Death, Volume 1- Blood Sky Dawning is “God’s Written Voice to the World,” cinematically crafted for universal reflection at a time of global fear, confusion, and diminishing faith.

Over the course of three volumes, these masterfully entertaining pieces of Biblical literature, based on actual experiences, unveil the physical identity and sole mission of The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, whom is upon the world TODAY. With verifiable prophecies, including the death of the author’s own brother, The Book of Death trilogy is the Survival Guide preparing Humanity for the consequences of that mission, which no living soul can afford to dismiss.

 “By writing and distributing God’s Final Testament to Humanity, we risk persecutions most would refuse to face: harm, shaming, rejection, ridicule, defamation, discredit. But in the end, we had no choice. Everyone will eventually die, and it’s the choices made now which determine your soul’s fate. Time is running out; the world has fallen into darkness, and many have followed the False Light. It’s time to stop the cycle at the source, through prophecy, and feed the human generation with Truth.”

~M.C. Cain

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The Book of Death - Virtual Newspaper - Blood Sky Dawning Aftermath

An inside look into the Book of Death Universe on the eve of the Era of the Ether - Written by M.C. Cain

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Countdown to The Book of Death Vol. 2 - Era of the Ether: IMMORTAL WARFARE HAS BEGUN










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